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Sommige kansen benut, sommige kansen niet benut. Er is hier nog te veel weerstand voor elkander succes te gunnen op Paneet Aarde.

Nous Sommes Les Vainceurs.

12x Olympic Gold Medal

[X] Chess World Champion at Age 8

[X] Saved the world twice (2006,2018) - [?] Apophis-2029 INCOMING...

[O] Olympic Gold at 3km Athletics for {Belgium/France/America/Australia/...}  I have options.

[O] 'Making the circle round' : Lionel Messi retires at FC Barcelona and passes the torch to King Dobbe.

Gelle zult mij allemaal nog zwaar nodig hebben hier...

{ It is our birthright to live an epic life. }

Evolutionary Note: In 2029 it may occur for the third time. (I am the human on which other humans rely for their survival when the odds allign in our disfavor.) 2006 is a LEGENDARY YEAR.

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