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Ancient Lores

To Be Added

. The Merchants Of The Silk Road

. The Chinese Pigeon Breeder

. Achilles & Produktives

. The Knights Of The Round Table

. The Tale about the blue feathered arrows ( Medieval Times)
. The Horse 'Merica' which led to the foundation of America

. The Boss (Frica' after who the African Continent was named

. Many more Ancient Sagas & Lores which contain vital values
.                                            _______________________

.                                            _______________________

.                 ___  upon dozens to hundreds_____________. _

the importance of the trivial pursuit lies in opening doors where other persons

walk by, no matter how many people walk by the hidden doors, the gems which our pursuits may hold may never be valued to their intrinsic worth in our lifetimes
but they will forever be a part of humanity and empower our and future generations


Belgian Television

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Homo Universalis (één)

Das Onze Belgische Finesse

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These Ancient Lores can be examined upon their correctness for the sake of pre-serving Our Humanitarian History.
For writing down these Lores I draw from an Invention which is over 125.000 years old, the Human Brain. Thus Conflicting Internet Sources do not suffice.

Persoonlijk bericht aan één: Samen maken wij een nieuw stokpaardje voordat we Sabena terug in zuiver Belgische handen nemen, Notrabena tegen 2025 is een haalbare kaart.

Zo hadden onze voorvaderen het wellicht graag gewild ( Belgische makelij) )

-29.11.2020-  (das voor januari wellicht)

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