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AEP ® Blog - Launch Off

Updated: May 17, 2020

By Dobbe Boogaerts 29 February 2020, 8:30

On this Blog the Founder of AEP ® will share experiences and give more insights into the Belgian Hi-Tech Organisation he is building with a great passionate team.

“Teamwork makes the dream work ("John C. Maxwell")

We build a Belgian Hi-Tech Organisation | Innovative since Early Existence

The founder was unknowingly coding the back-end of the world for several years so he decided to start coding the front-end. Currently he is working together with a very talented team. The organisation has already found several scientific breakthroughs in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Technology (AEP ® Development Logbook ™)

If that wasn't enough our research has played a very crucial role towards NASA detecting the smallest known dark matter clumps in the history of humanity.
There are five strong parallells between our research and NASA their publication that simply cannot be denied.
Our R&D Facility has done research into innovative technologies by the end of 2019. The R&D Paper was deposited on SABAM OnlineDepot on 07/12/2019. NASA published this article to their site on 08/01/2020

This hard proof shows our R&D facility belongs to the best of the world (AEP®) . We've layed at the brink of innovation. The most advanced space agency (NASA) has built on our previously acquired and deposited insights.

This is one of the biggest advances a Belgian Technology Organisation has made in recent years. Dark matter has an estimated worth of one million trillion trillion dollars per ounce. Our R&D facility is already developing an Prototype for mining dark matter as we speak.

Interesting times, that's for sure. You might think it's all a coincide but to say it in the words of Belgian Artist Woodie Smalls, it's definitely not a lucky strike.

How come does a Belgian Hi-Tech Organisation takes the lead in innovation?

  • Our organization has carried out high-quality data science for 3 to 5 years.

  • We follow scientific breakthroughs and developments in various fields closely.

  • Our organization runs on a multi-paradigm programming language (AEP∞DB) invented by the founder. In essence it's a collection of some really good stuff.

State-Of-The-Art-Engineering as a Key To Succesful Innovation

Stay Tuned for The Great Articles and Stories We Are Posting In The Coming Months

It are going to be very Interesting Times as we keep Pushing the Enveloppe in Various Fields.

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