Globing™ A new way of engineering & doing sciences (It's Fun!)

Updated: May 2, 2020

Globing is an innovative way of doing sciences and engineering projects.

We are able to learn much easier if we if we try to use all our senses.

Through visual formats we can better understand gained insights and build on them.

'An image is worth a thousand words. (Fred R. Barnard)'

'A video is worth a million words. (Dobbe Boogaerts)'

The Higgs Particle (Source: World Science Festival,

On Our Globing Platform We Collaborate On Global Projects and reach new heights together.

This is how we build knowledge on our Globing Platform.

For every scientific discovery you find, you are awarded one DeeBee and gain respect within The Force

As soon as you have found one DeeBee you enter the Globing Hi-scores. [coming soon].

On the Globing Hi-scores people all over the world can collaborate and compete for the #1 place of 'Most Valuable Player on Planet Earth'

The person who holds the Number One Spot Recieves Congratulations for Being Number One at The End of Every Handshake.

People Of The Force, When They Meet The MVP:

thus the updated code is as follows
AEP∞DB ⟳ Code Update 1.05.2020

<AEP∞DB> #1  They start of by Giving Eachother a Fistbump  #2  They Place Their Heart On Their Heart, Look Eachother In The Eyes And Say: " We're an unity, together we achieve infinity  #3  We hold a Piece Sign while we laugh about all the Coneheads we've beat.

#4 We raise our Index Finger and thank the person who is holding the No. #1 Spot


AEP ® No One Can Stop Us, If We All Move Forward

Roddy Rich - The Box ♫ Powered By The Force

Globing A new way of engineering & doing sciences Because science is meant to be fun

AEP ® We're an unity, together we achieve infinity 

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