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People mentioned in this Hall Of Appreciation have Advanced Humanity For the Better of All. For that Reason We Believe These Persons are
Worth Mentioning and Deserve a Place in Our Collective Conscience.


      1. Joseph Lister   ~ Inventor of the Assemblied Microscope
      2. Nikola Tesla   
~ Inventor of the 21st Century
      3. Garret Morgan
~ Inventor of Traffic Lights

Because no matter how small or unknown the inventor(s) or invention
may be. The good intentions behind it will forever have a positive impact on humanity and enrich all our lives. Especially, the love these
persons have poured into their invention. By bringing it to market
that love is shared, multiplied and this  
love  spreads across the world

At AEP ® We acknowledge and embody this design philosophy.
®  Together we create positive    r i p p l e   e f f e c t s   

We foster innovation
Because the world can only be as great as we imagine.

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At AEP ®

we pay respect to those

that came before us and

the contributions they made

Hall Of Appreciation

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Feel free to send us through

Dobbe Boogaerts, Founder of AEP ®

Do you know someone who is worth mentioning in our Hall Of Appreciation?

It doesn't have to be someone who has accomplished something individually.
It can be a group of people, like a group of musicians that creates great music like  "
The Kaiser Chiefs"

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