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Our Timeline

There is something in the Pursuit of 

a trivial pursuit

lays at the foudation

the pursuit to uphold

the honor of those that

exploration & adventure

of all our humanitarian endeavours

came before us while serving

a trivial pursuit

those that walk among us and


those that will walk in our footsteps

Through Firm Actions We Prove Our Worth

Words can merely shed a light upon our collective consciousness

From the Dawn of Mankind

Over three thousand years of natural pioneership


Ante 1000 BC

We have a Common Purpose, not to defy odds but surpass them, not to impose limits but push boundaries forward, through actively pioneering in the frontiers of society, science, technology, commerce & trade 

AEP ® Logo ™

AEP ®               (2020)

we have made Investments in Humanity

Together we push towards new heights



The Boogaerts Family has One Faith.
We Invest In Humanity, We Believe
Investing In Humanity Always Pays Off


Together We Are One

 The Year 2020 

Our Timeline

Our Ancient Roots - The Merchants of The Silk Road 

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