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First Digital Round Table
Of The Knights Of The Round Table

Dear People Of The World,

At The Round Table Of The Knights Everybody Is Regarded And Treated Equal

I am Dobbe Boogaerts,

a Knight's Descent on a Quest.

It is the 27th of November 2020 Anno Domini,

Making Humanitarian
Contributions To Humanity

8 Logo.png

To Benefit All Of Humanity

We Shall Be The Generation To Develop An Universal Quantum Computing Network In Deep Space, That Is My Vow To Humanity

May We Embark Upon This Enlightening Pursuit with a Light Mind, Pure Soul and Peace towards the Past, the Present and the Future

More or less, have we played an Invisible Hand in the American NASA Discovery Of The Smallest Clumps Of Dark Matter thus far known to Humanity.


It's a True Honor To Make you All Aware That There is a Greater Purpose among us,
the invention and development of an Universal Quantum Computing Network in Outer Space.

Our Universal Quantum Computing Network shall consist of the Technological Objects as seen in the Left Corner Of Our Round Table.

You Can All Partake In This Rewarding, Challenging Endeavour By Collaborating & Bringing Together Scientific Findings In Our Development Logbook.


An Universal
Quantum Computing Network in Space

May We, The Generation Of The 21th Century, Be Looked Back Upon As Natural Pioneers, Frontiering Scientists, And Most, Loving Men And Women.

It is an True Honor to serve you all as a Knight of the Light through the digital realm and beyond in this 21st Century, in All Humility, [2000 - 2100 AD]

27 l 11 l 2020 l A.D

Tabula Rasa, An Empty Paper, has been filled with Words Soaked In Silk  ~  May This Message Resonate On Your Preferred Wave-Length 

More Recently, AEP ® Our Belgian Technology, Research & Development Organisation  has made some Vital Scientific Progress [2019 AD - 2020 AD].


This Is a Light Cause

To Benefit All Of Humanity

Noble Thanks For Your Time,

May This Aspire To Inspire 

Together We Are One

Our Pursuits

Sincerly, Sir Dobbe

Digital Blocks

Use These Building Blocks To Advance   ~  Our Greater Purpose   ~  Our  Collective Hope   

Digital Block
Digital Block
Digital Block
Digital Block
Digital Block

AEP ® Universal
Quantum Computer 

Established By AEP 2020

Our 'Next Step'
Forward Starts With You


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